Micro Fabry-Perot interferometer for visible light range fabricated by anodic bonding of SOI wafer

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  • SOIウェハの陽極接合法による可視光領域用マイクロファブリペロー干渉計(研究)
  • SOIウェハの陽極接合法による可視光領域用マイクロファブリペロー干渉計
  • SOI ウェハ ノ ヨウキョク セツゴウホウ ニ ヨル カシコウ リョウイキヨウ マイクロファブリペロー カンショウケイ

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This paper reports on a micro Fabry-Perot interferometer (MFPI) fabricated by anodic bonding of an SOI wafer. Since we design optical and mechanical characteristics of the MFPI by using matrix method, our MFPI can be used in the wavelength ranging from visible light to near-infrared. The movable capacitor with the half mirror of the MFPI was fabricated on the SOI wafer, and this SOI wafer was bonded to the pyrex glass substrate by anodic bonding. The MFPI fabricated in this study can be used in wide wavelength ranging from 550 nm to 950 nm. It transmits the light from 10 to 80 % in that range. The gap of MFPI mirrors calculated by the peak wavelength of transmitting light was change from 1580 nm to 1270 nm by applying the voltage from 0 to 180 V.


  • Micromechatronics

    Micromechatronics 56 (207), 1-9, 2012

    The Horological Institute of Japan


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