Cognitive and Behavioral Effects on Driving by Information Presentation and Behavioral Intervention in Advanced Driving Assistance System

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  • 先進的運転支援システムにおける情報提示と行動介入の認知的・行動的影響に関する検討
  • センシンテキ ウンテン シエン システム ニ オケル ジョウホウ テイジ ト コウドウ カイニュウ ノ ニンチテキ ・ コウドウテキ エイキョウ ニ カンスル ケントウ

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 Advanced driving assistance system supports human drivers in two ways. First, the system provides information about the surrounding environment and encourages drivers to change their behavior. Second, the system intervenes in driving behavior directly to assure the safety. Such a system makes two different effects on drivers. The first is a cognitive effect, which includes drivers’ subjective evaluations about the system. The second is a behavioral effect, which includes drivers’ behavioral changes after driving with the system. We examined how information presentation and behavioral intervention affect drivers in both cognitive and behavioral aspects. The results show that information presentation makes a significant effect on drivers’ behavioral changes after driving with the system while behavioral intervention makes a significant effect on drivers’ evaluations about the system.


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