Long-term moderating effects of video game violence perspectives

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  • テレビゲームの暴力シーンの影響を左右する視点の調整効果
  • テレビゲームの暴力シーンの影響を左右する視点の調整効果--小学校高学年児童を対象にしたパネル研究の検討
  • テレビゲーム ノ ボウリョク シーン ノ エイキョウ オ サユウ スル シテン ノ チョウセイ コウカ ショウガッコウ コウガクネン ジドウ オ タイショウ ニ シタ パネル ケンキュウ ノ ケントウ
  • -A panel study of elementary school children in Japan-
  • -小学校高学年児童を対象にしたパネル研究の検討-

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A longitudinal study was conducted to 591 elementary school children in Japan, and this study found that the amount of weekly exposure to violent video games was positively related to later aggression even after controlling for earlier aggression among boys, but not for girls. This study also found that boys who perceived video games as real are likely to be physically more aggressive one year later, and that boys who felt powerless/empty feeling when exposing to video game violence are likely to less aggressive one year later even after controlling for earlier aggression.


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