Mercury concentrations found in feathers of adult and nestling Osprey <i>Pandion haliaetus</i> from Hokkaido, Japan

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  • 北海道におけるミサゴ成鳥と雛の水銀濃度
  • ホッカイドウ ニ オケル ミサゴ セイチョウ ト ヒナ ノ スイギン ノウド

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<p>We determined total mercury concentrations in feathers of fish-eating Ospreys Pandion haliaetus (adult n = 1; nestling n = 1), from Hokkaido, Japan. Feathers from the approximately five week old nestling, had an Hg concentration of 1.84 µg/g (dw). Feathers from the adult (found on the ground near the nesting tree) had a higher concentration of 5.17 µg/g (dw). Both levels were within the range of concentrations previously reported from osprey feathers in Japan and North America. This discovery highlights the need for further study to examine the extent of mercury exposure of Ospreys in Japan.</p>



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