Factors associated with behavioral and psychological symptoms in patients with dementia who received home medical treatment: A cross-sectional study (OHCARE study)

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  • 訪問診療を受ける在宅認知症患者の行動心理症状と関連要因の検討:横断調査研究(OHCARE study)
  • ホウモン シンリョウ オ ウケル ザイタク ニンチショウ カンジャ ノ コウドウ シンリ ショウジョウ ト カンレン ヨウイン ノ ケントウ : オウダン チョウサ ケンキュウ(OHCARE study)

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<p>Aim: The present study investigated the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) and pharmacological therapy among elderly people with dementia who received home medical treatment.</p><p>Methods: This study was part of the Osaka Home Care Registry study (OHCARE-study). Participants were >65 years old with dementia. Demographic and medical data, BPSD, and the LTCI [long-term care insurance] care-need level were collected. A multiple logistic regression analysis was performed in order to clarify the factors associated with BPSD.</p><p>Results: Among 110 subjects (82.0±11.3 years old), 64.6% had a diagnosis of dementia, most commonly Alzheimer's dementia. Aside from home medical treatment, 58.1% had a nurse visit, 48.1% received home care, and 40.0% used a day service. The prevalence of BPSD was 53.0%. Those with BPSD most frequently had an LTCI care-need level of 3, and the prevalence of BPSD declined as the level increased after 3. Psychotropic drugs were prescribed in 61.5% of those with BPSD. Antipsychotic drugs were used significantly more frequently in those with nursing care resistance, assault and delusions than in others (all, p <0.005). A multivariate analysis showed that the positive predictor of BPSD was antipsychotic drug use, while negative predictors were an LTCI care-need level and the use of visiting rehabilitation.</p><p>Conclusion: The BPSD in elderly dementia patients receiving home medical treatment were clarified. The LTCI care-need level is an independent predictor of BPSD after adjusting for the activities of daily life. Further longitudinal investigations including the BPSD severity and frequency are needed.</p>



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