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Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction Studies of Accurate Structure-Factors Measurement and <i>Ab Initio</i> Structure Determination

    Division of Physics, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences & Tsukuba Research Center for Energy Materials Sciences, University of Tsukukuba.

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  • 放射光X線粉末回折による確度の高い構造因子の計測および未知構造決定
  • 学会賞受賞論文 放射光X線粉末回折による確度の高い構造因子の計測および未知構造決定
  • ガッカイショウ ジュショウ ロンブン ホウシャコウ Xセン フンマツ カイセツ ニ ヨル カクド ノ タカイ コウゾウ インシ ノ ケイソク オヨビ ミチ コウゾウ ケッテイ

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<p>Our synchrotron radiation(SR)X-ray powder diffraction studies of accurate structure factors measurement and ab-initio structure determination during past couple of decades have been described with some details. These studies were carried out using SR powder profiles measured at SPring-8. This paper organized as follows:First the performance and an advantage of powder diffraction profile measured at SPring-8. Second, accurate structure factors measurement using SPring-8 together with recent topics. Third, we introduced the strong point of SPring-8 data for structure determination from powder diffraction with some examples. Finally, I will describe summary of this paper.</p>


  • Nihon Kessho Gakkaishi

    Nihon Kessho Gakkaishi 60 (2-3), 88-95, 2018-05-31

    The Crystallographic Society of Japan


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