Historical transition of how Mexico citizens have captured and used the space of Zócalo in Mexico City

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  • メキシコ市ソカロにおける空間の捉え方と活動の変遷
  • メキシコシ ソカロ ニ オケル クウカン ノ トラエ カタ ト カツドウ ノ ヘンセン

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<p>The Constitution Square located in the historical district of Mexico City, known as el Zócalo, has been the political, religious and commercial center of Mexico since the fourteenth century. Currently, El Zócalo is a place where political events such as Independence Day ceremonies are held, and it is also a base for demonstrative activities by a Mexican citizen. Government authorities that manage El Zócalo say that the space is a symbol of the public’s identity, but many people who participate in demonstrative activities there insists that the reason of their activities is not only because El Zócalo is a symbol of the state power, but also because it is home ground for people on the opposition side. This study aimed to clarify how El Zócalo became one of the most important national symbols for Mexican citizens in various positions. We analyzed the quality and vicissitudes of the space of El Zócalo and its usage through graphical analysis of plans and pictures of the place of each period, from the Late Post-Classic Period to date, and the review of the background studies, the colonial period chronicle, and articles from magazines and newspapers.</p>



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