Effect of Air Injection Method on the Efficiency of Oxygen Dissolution into a Cylindrical Water Bath

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  • 円筒浴内水中への酸素溶解効率に及ぼす空気吹込み方式の影響
  • エントウヨク ナイスイ チュウ エ ノ サンソ ヨウカイ コウリツ ニ オヨボス クウキ フキコミ ホウシキ ノ エイキョウ

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<p>   Experimental investigations were carried out to find out an efficient method of oxygen dissolution into water. Air injection through a single-hole nozzle was chosen in this model study because of its good handling performance and low running cost. First, basic three types were mentioned; bottom, top, and side gas injection into a cylindrical water bath. The air flow rate and the height of bubble dispersion region were kept constant. The dissolved oxygen was measured with a membrane electrode sensor. The history of dissolved oxygen concentration obeyed the first order reaction law. The dissolution efficiency therefore was evaluated in terms of the volumetric mass transfer coefficient. The side gas injection was found to be most effective among the three methods under the experimental conditions considered.</p>



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