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An empirical investigation of physical activity, depression, and sense of coherence in early adolescents

  • Kawakatsu Saki
    Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, Kobe University Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
  • Kokudo Shohei
    Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, Kobe University
  • Kasanami Ryoji
    Department of Health and Sports Science Education, Faculty of Education, Nara University of Education
  • Nagano Mayumi
    International College of Arts and Sciences, Fukuoka Women's University
  • Morita Noriteru
    Hokkaido University of Education, Iwamizawa
  • Suzuki Kazuhiro
    Faculty of Education, Art and Science Yamagata University
  • Watanabe Masashi
    College of Education, Ibaraki University
  • Uechi Hiroaki
    Faculty of Education, Yamaguchi University
  • Yamatsu Koji
    Faculty of Education, Saga University
  • Tsutsumi Kouichi
    Graduate School of Teacher Education, Saga University
  • Tsuji Nobuhiro
    Shiga University Graduate School of Education
  • Kume Daisuke
    Department of Integrated Arts and Science, National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College
  • Ishii Kojiro
    Doshisha University, Faculty of Health and Sports Science

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  • 思春期前期の子どもにおける身体活動,抑うつ,首尾一貫感覚(SOC)の実態調査
  • シシュンキ ゼンキ ノ コドモ ニ オケル シンタイ カツドウ,ヨクウツ,シュビ イッカン カンカク(SOC)ノ ジッタイ チョウサ

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<p>A survey was conducted to assess physical activity, depression, and sense of coherence among early adolescents. This study used a cross-sectional sample of 12,086 students (G5-G9) from 28 public elementary schools and 22 public junior-high-schools in Japan. A total of 9,424 students (G5-G8) were surveyed from December 2013 to December 2015 using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) -short form to measure physical activity (PA), the Depression Self-Rating Scale for Children (DSRSC) for depressive symptoms, and the Sense of Coherence Scale-13-item version (SOC-13).<br> Vigorous PA (VPA) of the G5 boys (4h 20 min) was significantly longer than that of the G5 girls (1h 30min) and the VPA of the junior-high-school students increased significantly compared with that of the elementary-school students. The VPA of the G8 boys reached 6h 30 min, whereas that of the G8 girls approached 3h, which was a significant difference. Additionally, more junior-high-school students participated in sports-club activities than did elementary-school students.<br> The mean DSRS-C score of the G5 girls (10.24±5.73) was significantly higher than that of the G5 boys (9.31±5.31). No other differences by grade, were found among the elementary-school students. The depressive symptoms of the junior-high-school students indicated they had a greater risk for depression than the elementary-school students did.<br> The mean SOC score of the G8 boys (44.58±8.11) was higher (better) than that of the G8 girls (43.46±8.30). Furthermore, the elementary-school students' score on the SOC was higher than that of the juniorhigh-school students; the score tended to decrease as the grade increased.</p>


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