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The study on effect of stretching to recovery of muscle fatigue

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  • ストレッチングの筋疲労回復に関する研究
  • ストレッチング ノ キン ヒロウ カイフク ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

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This study was examined muscle fatigue recovery effect of a stretching after intense exercise of short time.The subject is 4 healthy adult men age were 20 years old. The subject did 2 sets of bicycle ergometer operating of 30 seconds of all power and rest of 10 minutes. During this rest period, the subject implemented 6 minutes of each muscle fatigue recovery strategies of rest, stretching and light exercise. An examination particular of a muscle fatigue recovery adopted a muscle flexibility, blood lactate, work capacity and questionnaire. The recovery rate of muscle flexibility of a Rectus femoris had the lowest stretching by 97. 5 %. The recovery rate of muscle flexibility of hamstrings had the lowest rest by 91. 9%. The recovery of blood lactate tended to have a lower stretching than other strategy, but the tendency wasn't able to admit difference. The recovery rate of work capacity had the most expensive light exercise, and it had the lowest stretching. Thus a fatigue recovery effect of a stretching into a muscle fatigue after intense exercise didn't admit difference in all index compared with rest. The result of this time denied an effect of the stretching which is generally recognized in viewpoint of a prompt recovery of muscle fatigue after exercise. But the result of this time doesn't deny all effect of a stretching. We consider that an appropriate formula to muscle fatigue recovery of a stretching is defined by study of future.



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