Re-structuring of Tourism Space due to Changes of Tourism Forms in Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture

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  • 茨城県大洗町におけるツーリズム形態の変容に伴う観光空間の再編
  • イバラキケン オオアライマチ ニ オケル ツーリズム ケイタイ ノ ヘンヨウ ニ トモナウ カンコウ クウカン ノ サイヘン

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This research focuses on the development of content tourism in Oarai town, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, and aims to clarify the influence on the tourism space brought about by changes in the essential character of the tourism. The subject area is one of the premier destinations in the prefecture, which has many facilities. After 2012, a new trend in tourism appear to have been motivated by the Japanese animation Girls & Panzer. As the number of tourists inspired by the show increased, the Chamber of Commerce, shops, and commercial facilities actively used them as regional resources. As a result, they succeeded in attracting many fans as a tourist to shopping street. Before the animation aired, the accommodation industry served mostly families and group guests in the summer season. After the show aired, there were changes, such as a large increase in the proportion of individual customers visiting and in seasons other than summer, and changes in the relationship between hosts and guests. The introduction of content tourism also led to a greater number of tourists there overall.


  • Geographical Space

    Geographical Space 11 (1), 47-62, 2018

    Japan Association on Geographical Space

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