The Demonstrative Study of Cause Theory on Juvenile Crime and Delinquency—An Approach of Social Control Theory—

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  • 少年犯罪・非行に関する原因理論の実証的研究—社会的コントロール理論の検証—
  • 少年犯罪・非行に関する原因理論の実証的研究--社会的コントロール理論の検証
  • ショウネン ハンザイ ヒコウ ニ カンスル ゲンイン リロン ノ ジッショウテ

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<p>The present study was attempted to examine Social Control Theory in Japan and China, which was expressed by Hirschi, T(1969). For this purpose, we used two questionnaires; one was for undergraduates, the other was for both junior high school students and juvenile delinquents. In the result, this theory was approximately supported.</p><p>Today it is difficult to internalize norm conscionsness, because of bewildering change of the world, disruption of family function and depreciation of moral sense. Therefore, in order to explain to commit a crime Social Control Theory is more effective than other theories.</p>


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