Does the Term <i>Varṇa</i> Really Means “Phoneme”? Regarding the Role of Phonetic Elements in Verbal Cognition

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  • varṇaは「音素」なのか?――言語認識における音の役割をめぐって――
  • varnaは「音素」なのか? : 言語認識における音の役割をめぐって
  • varna ワ 「 オンソ 」 ナ ノ カ? : ゲンゴ ニンシキ ニ オケル オト ノ ヤクワリ オ メグッテ

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<p>It is doubtful that the rendering of varṇa as “phoneme” has sound grounds, though many scholars, including the author, have used this rendering. The author has made multilateral investigations about the usage of the term “varṇa” in Indian theories of grammar. The conclusion is that it is roughly proper to interpret the term “varṇa” as “phoneme.”</p>



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