<i>A Japanese literature review on the work continuation of mid-career nurses: Focus on the reasons for leaving and career continuation </i>

  • Nakano Saori
    Nursing Science, Institute of Health Sciences Tokushima University Graduate School
  • Iwasa Yukie
    Nursing Science Institute of Biomedical Sciences Tokushima University Graduate School

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  • 中堅看護師の職業継続に関する文献検討-「離職」と「職業継続」の理由に焦点をあてて-

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<p>Abstract Purposes: The aim of the present study was to clarify the factors that affect leaving and career continuation of mid-career nurses from prior literature and to obtain suggestions for vocational continuity support.</p><p>Method: A literature search of Japan Medical Abstracts Society, Medical Online, and CiNii Articles databases was conducted using the following keywords: “nurse and leaving,” “mid-career nurse and leaving,” “mid-career nurse and occupation continuation, ” and “mid-career nurse and duties continuation,” including all studies published between 2005 and 2017. We investigated 21 studies that mentioned “the reason why mid-career nurses wanted to quit work” and “the reason why they continue working.” Further, we classified inductively “the reason why they wanted to quit work” and “the reason why they continue working” based on similarity and categorized them.</p><p>Result: “The reason why mid-career nurses wanted to quit work” was represented in seven categories, which included the following: [disagreement with the career plan], [lack of worth doing of work], [stress caused by human relations], [bad working environment], [uneasiness about nursing practice ability], [growth restraint of self-efficacy], and [there is no reason that continues working in particular]. In addition, “the reason why mid-career nurses continue working” was represented in the following seven categories: [agreement with the career plan], [with the worth doing], [good human relations], [good working environment], [experience to enhance self-efficacy], [there is not a reason to quit work in particular], and [stress management].</p><p>Conclusion: “Career plan,” “worth doing,” “human relations of the workplace,” “work environment,” “nursing practice ability,” and “self-efficacy” were related with the factor that nurses wanted to quit, including reasons for continuing occupation. However, stress management was a factor found in career continuity alone, and effective stress management was suggested as a factor that would change mid-carrier nurses’ feeling of wanting to quit work into wanting to continue work.</p>


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