Contextual Characteristic of the Conjunctive Particle <i>monono</i> from the Perspective of Sentence/Clause Linkage

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  • 文・節の連接からみた接続辞「ものの」の使用文脈の特徴
  • ブン ・ フシ ノ レンセツ カラ ミタ セツゾク ジ 「 モノ ノ 」 ノ シヨウ ブンミャク ノ トクチョウ

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<p>In Japanese language teaching and previous studies, the meaning and usage of the conjunctive particle monono in the construction P monono Q has been described by focusing on the character of the events denoted by P and Q, or on their relationship. This paper reveals characteristics of the context in which P monono Q is used and a function of P monono from the perspective of its linkage with the previous sentence or clause. This paper also reveals the grammatical conditions under which P monono Q is used. These characteristics are as follows: 1) In the context in which P monono Q is used, the previous sentence or clause is linked with Q, but not with P, and the previous sentence or clause and Q have the same subject. The function of P monono is to annotate by expressing an event that does not conform to the context formed by the previous sentence or clause and Q; and 2) P monono Q is subject to the condition that the subject of P is the same as the subject of Q, or belongs to the subject of Q.</p>


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