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Knee Jiggling (Binbo-Yusuri) as an Exercise Possible to Do During Desk Work : Changes in Meridian Autonomic Nervous System Activities(Special Lecture 1,The 23rd Symposium on Life Information Science)


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  • デスクワーク中に可能な運動として行う微小揺脚運動(貧乏揺すり) : 経絡自律神経活動の変化(特別講演 1,第23回生命情報科学シンポジウム)

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Walking around in a room is said to be effective for studying or learning something by heart. However, it is impossible to walk around when a person is doing desk work like using a computer. We thought that it is possible to do a slight knee jiggling exercise (binbo yusuri) as an alternative to walking about. However, knee jiggling has a very low energy consumption compared with walking. In this study, we determined effects of this exercise on activities of ryodoraku (electrical skin meridians) autonomic nervous systems by neurometry measurements of their electrodermal activities. Ten healthy males ranging from 22 to 23 years of age were subjects. The exercise time was 4 min. The electrodermal activities were measured for 4 min before exercise and for 8 min after exercise. The electrical conductivity of ryodoraku increased during the first 4 min after exercise. During the succeeding second 4 min after this, they had a tendency to approximately return to the state before exercise. The result suggested that the activity levels of ryodoraku autonomic nerves were increased by the knee jiggling exercise although the exercise is a very small scale exercise with a very low energy consumption. There was a tendency that the exercise had a larger effect on the meridians LH_2 and LH_3, and a relatively smaller one on LH_5 and LH_6.



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