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A Study on Learning Support for Welding Skill by Structuring Method of Skill Information

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  • 技能情報構造化手法による溶接技能学習支援に関する研究


<p>In this research, we aim at development of a method to provide effective educational support to beginners for shielded metal arc welding. Therefore, in this research, we develop a learning support method that can structure the skill information and present the skill information according to the proficiency level of the learner. Specifically, we propose a learning support method that provides a "basic skill model" as an initial internal model on skills in order to effectively create awareness during beginner skill training. With this learning support method, beginners can easily grasp the image of the physical skill from the initial stage of learning and be able to control their own body parts. Furthermore, by imagining body skills, we often comment on the state of the body part and somatosensory sensation as compared to our own actions. Moreover, by feeding back the learning result, we got the result of learning by setting a new learning objective oneself.</p>



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