Is it good to have the ball tilted forward of rugby goal kicking?

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  • ラグビーゴールキックのロケット型は有利か?


<p>This paper describes the initial conditions of a kick for goal in rugby with respect to the ball attitude on the kicking tee. The initial conditions are defined by the initial velocity vector and the angular velocity vector. The initial conditions were obtained by the Vicon motion capture system. A rugby ball with seven markers on the surface was kicked by the kicker in university level. The experimental parameter was how to place the ball on the kick tee. Two ways of placing the ball was examined. One is the vertical type, in which the longitudinal axis of the rugby ball lies in the vertical direction. The other is the rocket type, in which the longitudinal axis is tilted forward. It was found that the initial velocity of rocket type is greater than that of vertical type. The initial velocity and the angular velocity are related to negative correlation.</p>



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