Kick motion using crutch in amputee soccer

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  • アンプティサッカーのクラッチを用いたキック動作について


<p>We compared motion differences of amputee soccer players and non-amputated player using motion capture system VICON. Participants were Turkey representative amputee soccer player(TUR), Japan representative amputee soccer player(JPN) and collegiate non-amputated player(COL). Participants performed short sprint, place kick and volley kick. As a result, in the sprint, COL showed the largest sprint velocity. It was revealed that acceleration by ground contact of crutches is important to decrease deceleration of body velocity for the amputee player. In the place kick, trend of kinetic chain that expressed by velocity in the direction of displacement of some anatomical landmarks in kicking foot side was not different. However, it was considered that the last step before kick impact without ground contact of crutches can make large body velocity as same as non-amputated player velocity. In the volley kick, amputee player showed ability to raise higher kick impact height. They used crutches to support their center gravity of body. Then it enables to make higher trajectory of kicking foot than center gravity of body till the 2 m for maximum height for amputee player. We confirmed that how to use crutches, pushing ground and supporting center gravity of body or not using in the situation required acceleration were too important for amputee players.</p>



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