Spondylodiscitis and an Iliopsoas Abscess due to <i>Aerococcus urinae</i>, Initially Undetected or Misidentified at a Microbiology Laboratory

  • YONEMOTO Hitoshi
    Department of Emergency Medicine and General Internal Medicine, Rakuwakai Marutamachi Hospital

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  • 当初は正しく分離・同定されなかった,<i>Aerococcus urinae </i>による化膿性脊椎炎および腸腰筋膿瘍の1 例
  • 症例 当初は正しく分離・同定されなかった, Aerococcus urinaeによる化膿性脊椎炎および腸腰筋膿瘍の1例
  • ショウレイ トウショ ワ タダシク ブンリ ・ ドウテイ サレナカッタ, Aerococcus urinae ニ ヨル カノウセイ セキツイエン オヨビ チョウ ヨウキン ノウヨウ ノ 1レイ

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<p>Aerococcus urinae is a facultative anaerobic gram-positive coccus that has been recognized as a human pathogen. It is frequently misidentified as other pathogens because of its bacteriological characteristics. We report herein on a case of spondylodiscitis and iliopsoas abscess due to A. urinae, initially undetected or misidentified by the microbiology laboratory. The culturing of an iliopsoas abscess aspirate initially yielded bacteria identified as Streptococcus spp., but they were subsequently reidentified as Aerococcus spp.. Urine culture initially grew only Escherichia coli, but Aerococcus spp. were also isolated on reculturing. Furthermore,Aerococcus spp. were isolated from blood culture. Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry identified these Aerococcus spp. as A. urinae. When we note a gram-positive coccus in the shape of a tetrad or cluster in clinical specimens, especially urine, Aerococcus spp. should be considered as the pathogen.</p>


  • Kansenshogaku Zasshi

    Kansenshogaku Zasshi 91 (4), 572-575, 2017-07-20

    The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases


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