Ceiling Collapse Simulation of Concert Hall with Box-Type Suspended Ceilings under Seismic Motion

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  • 箱型段差吊り天井を取り付けたコンサートホールの地震時天井脱落シミュレーション


<p>In this study, a collapse analysis of a concert hall's box-type suspended ceiling containing level gaps was performed. A numerical model of the concert hall and ceiling, constructed with linear Timoshenko beam elements, was simulated by applying a seismic wave. The adaptively shifted integration (ASI)-Gauss code, which can stably simulate such phenomena with strong nonlinearities such as fractures and contacts, was used in this analysis. The numerical results revealed that the collapse of the ceiling was caused by the detachment of clips connecting the ceiling joists to the ceiling joist receivers. The detachment of clips, in turn, was caused by the propagation of the impact force that was generated when the suspended ceiling collided with the wall. Furthermore, it was confirmed that the detachment progressed because the load distribution supported by the clips changed from its initial state. The results also showed that the locations of the clips detached by the collisions were strongly affected by the geometrical shape of the ceiling.</p>


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