Proposal of “Soft-machining” as a High-precision Drilling Method for hard plastic materials

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  • 低剛性の機械で硬い樹脂に穴をあける
  • :ソフトマシニングの提案


<p>Applicability of “soft-machining” method for drilling fine holes on CFRP and acrylic sheets were experimentally examined. The “soft-machining” is a high-precision machining method for CFRP developed by authors. In the soft-machining, a constant load P applied on the cutting tool becomes the driving force to feed the cutting edge. The drilling of CFRP showed that the applying load P has a strong relation with the maximum cutting force and cutting damage generation. If the applying load P was less than 53N, there was no apparent cutting damage on the drilling surface. In addition, the soft-machining can extend the service life of drill even in the high-speed steel drill. The drilling of acrylic sheet by soft-machining showed a good performance, no sudden temperature rising and cutting resistance fluctuation, during the machining,</p>


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