Fundamental study on optical control of particles for production of random laser medium

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  • ランダムレーザー媒質作製に向けた光学的な微粒子制御に関する基礎的検討


<p>Optical trapping and guiding using laser have been proven to be useful for non-contact and non-invasive manipulation of small objects such as biological cells, organelles within cells, and dielectric particles. We have numerically investigated so far the motion of a Brownian particle suspended in still water under illumination of a speckle pattern generated by interference of coherent light scattered by a rough object. In the present study, we numerically investigate the motion of titanium dioxide particles in a photo-curing resin under the illumination of a speckle pattern. Trajectory of the particle is simulated in relation to its size and, power and size of the speckle grains to confirm the feasibility of the present method for performing optical trapping and guiding of the particle in the photo-curing resin. The present method is expected to be applied to the fabrication of a random laser medium.</p>



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