Investigation about Improvement of Accuracy for Engine Speed Control in Transient State by Adaptation of Feedforward Control System

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  • フィードフォワード制御系の適応化による過渡時エンジン回転速度制御の精度向上の検討
  • フィードフォワード セイギョケイ ノ テキオウカ ニ ヨル カトジ エンジン カイテン ソクド セイギョ ノ セイド コウジョウ ノ ケントウ

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In order to further improve the efficiency of the internal combustion engine, highly accurate and adaptive control is required for an automobiles gasoline engine which are frequently used in transient state. This paper investigated about the adaptation of the feedforward control system by means of an on-line nonlinear programming method and examined the improvement of the accuracy of engine speed control in transient state.



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