Rape Myths and Sex Crimes


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  • レイプ神話と性犯罪


<p>Rape myths are those beliefs which could justify rapes. In the present studies, four kinds of myths focusing on feminine sexuality were measured by using of Burt’s (1980) questionnaire. These were woman’s acceptance of sexual violence, unconscious wish to be raped, carelessness, and frame-up of being raped. In the Study 1, the degree of acceptance for these myths was compared between 70 male and 73 female university students. The result that the males expressed more acceptance for the myths than the females suggests that these are derived from some erroneous concepts concernig femine sexuality. To examine the relationships between the rape myths and rape, in the Study 2, the questionnaire was administered to male prisoners (19 rapists and 56 nonrapists). It was found that the rapists believed more strongly than the non-rapists the myth that women have an unconscious wish to be raped. This was interpreted in the following three ways. (1)The rape myth may have a motivating power for the rapists by evoking their need for dominance over women. (2)The rape myth may have an neutralization effect on raping behavior; as reducing the rapists’ inner inhibitions against rape. (3)The rape myth may lead the rapists to erroneously perceive the victims as that the victims would accept their sexual coercion.</p>



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