Theoretical Study of Governance Structures of Goods and Services Supply in Case of Disaster

  • SUGANO Taku
    Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution (DRI)

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  • 災時害における財・サービス供給のガバナンス構造の理論的検討
  • サイジガイ ニ オケル ザイ ・ サービス キョウキュウ ノ ガバナンス コウゾウ ノ リロンテキ ケントウ

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<p>This paper theoretically examines the governance structures that can be supplied efficiently for each goods and services type. In this paper, we treat disaster response as an adaptation process of society to efficiently supply goods and services to appropriate demand level when supply of goods and services decreases or new demand is created due to disasters. The Japanese institutional environment sets out that the government supplies goods and services. Thus, the supply of public goods and services with low asset specificity as supplied by mixed form governance and the supply of private property as supplied by market governance are not compatible with this institutional environment. Therefore, building governance structures based on a mixed form may increase efficiency of supply these goods and services.</p>



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