Discussion on the Mechanism of Human Casualty in the Collapse Process of Wooden Buildings during Earthquake

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  • 地震時の木造建物崩壊過程における人的被害発生機構の推定
  • ジシンジ ノ モクゾウ タテモノ ホウカイ カテイ ニ オケル ジンテキ ヒガイ ハッセイ キコウ ノ スイテイ

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<p>The main factor of casualty in collapsed building is debris of buildings, such as columns, beams, and slabs. Considering the collapse process of building is necessary to develop casualty estimation and rescue, but previous studies have reported only an indirect correlation without causal process. In order to disclose the causal relations, the authors simulated wooden house collapse using 3-dimentional Discrete Element Method (abbreviated to DEM). As a result of this, it was firstly found that a relatively large number of safety zones even in total collapsed buildings are scattered unevenly and temporally. Secondary, by applying the pseudo-ISS(Injury Severity Score), which is measure of injury risks, the actual lethality ratio observed in destroyed buildings was possible to be simulated in a DEM Model.</p>


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