Medicare System and Family Doctor Training Program in Australia: A Study Tour to a Leading Country for Family Medicine

  • Yoshida Kazutaka
    公立大学法人福島県立医科大学医学部 地域・家庭医療学講座 公益財団法人仁泉会保原中央クリニック家庭医療科
  • Morizono Kentaro
    公立大学法人福島県立医科大学医学部 地域・家庭医療学講座 喜多方市地域・家庭医療センター
  • Hwang Seo Eun
    Department of Family Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital
  • Tsukagoshi Sonia
    公立大学法人福島県立医科大学医学部 地域・家庭医療学講座 Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), Junior International Committee (JIC) UK
  • Ii Masako
  • Kassai Ryuki
    公立大学法人福島県立医科大学医学部 地域・家庭医療学講座

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  • オーストラリアのMedicareと家庭医専門研修プログラム~家庭医療先進国研修ツアー報告~


<p>In February 2017, general practitioners (GPs) from the Department of Community and Family Medicine of Fukushima Medical University in Japan visited Australia for a study tour where the tour participants met with local GPs, GP registrars and researchers. During this tour, we visited public hospitals and observed multiple GPs providing community-based health care. We also attended a new GP registrars' orientation where the two authors gave a presentation about the current status of primary care in Japan. We then visited an Aboriginal health research center, and learned about the cultural values of the Aboriginal people and the challenges of implementing large-scale cohort studies.</p>



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