The Safety of Hot Compresses to the Lumbar Region on the Skin of Elderly People


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  • 高齢者の皮膚における腰背部温罨法の安全性の検証

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 This study investigated the safety of hot compresses to the lumbar region on the skin of elderly people using skin barrier function and time-dependent changes in skin temperature. This study had a cross-over trial. Hot towels that were warmed with hot water at 60℃ and covered with a plastic bag (hot compress group), as well as dry towels, which were covered with a plastic bag (control group), were applied to the lumbar region of 8 elderly people (mean age : 73.0±3.5) who belong to a health circle for 15 minutes. In terms of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and stratum corneum water content, which are evaluation indexes of skin barrier function, there were no significant differences between two groups and within each group at the start of compress and 15 minutes after its end. Comparison of changes in skin surface temperature and deep skin temperature with time revealed that, the hot compress group increased significantly more than control group. However, the deep skin temperature of the hot towel group fell below 38℃, and adverse events did not occur. Therefore, the hot compress of this study was suggested to be high safety for elderly people.


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