The history of Japanese criminal psychology by revision: Prewar part


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  • 改稿本邦犯罪心理学史—戦前編—
  • 改稿本邦犯罪心理学史(戦前編)
  • カイコウ ホンポウ ハンザイ シンリガクシ(センゼンヘン)

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<p>Various aspects of mind had been written in literary works in Japan, but there was nothing that saw the mind with the scientific point of views. After the Meiji Restoration, psychological studies and educations began by the teachers who studied psychology abroad and returned to Japan. Seiichi Terada who had learned psychology in a university in Japan, researched and examined inmates in prisons, published many books and papers on criminal psychology. With this as a starter, the Department of Judiciary employed psychological staffs as a part time at early stage, but eventually it came to adopt them as fulltime staffs. Psychological tests were used in psychiatric expart reports by psychiatrists.</p>



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