1DCAEAnalysis of Magnetic Brake and Its ExperimentalVerification

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  • 電磁ブレーキの1DCAE解析および実験による検証


<p>Recently, IoT and Industry 4.0 were very hot topics, especially in diagnosis and maintenance area. Because an advanced computer simulation technique could be utilized using a standard computer, many engineer paid attention to an computer simulation based diagnosis technique, i.e., a digital twin. In this paper, a physical computer model of a magnetic brake was build by modelica language and verified its performance by a experiment at a first step of a digital twin technique. A magnetic brake has multiphysics in it, so that its computer model is composed of a dynamics model, a magnetic model and a electrical model. A modelica language was suit for this type of modeling. Finally, the computer simulation showed very close correlation with experimental data.</p>



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