Conceptual Design of a Configurator Enables Sustainable Consumption of Clothes

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  • 衣服の環境コンフィギュレーターの提案


<p>Nowadays, so-called “Fast fashion” is getting more popular in apparel industry. It becomes a big environment load, because mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal are ongoing. However, for sustainable development, we must treat clothes carefully, and it is necessary to continue using it until the clothes reach the end of physical life. In this study, we propose a configurator displaying the environment load in the process of manufacturing and integrating two viewpoints of producers and consumers. Then, for clothes, it can make consumers to customize favorite clothes by showing various choice of items and displaying the environmental load of the clothes which they customized. In conclusion, a framework to motivate long-time usage of clothes for consumers by displaying the environmental load and enabling the customized design has been proposed. We also carried out the conceptual design of the configurator. Although there are many tasks to be done, such configurator can contribute in increasing “Green Consumers” and reducing the environmental load of apparel industry by promoting the long-time usage.</p>


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