“The Most Gay-friendly City in the Middle East”

  • YASUI Hiroshi
    Ph.D. Student, Graduate School of Art and Sciences, The University of Tokyo Research Fellow (DC), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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  • 「中東で最もゲイ・フレンドリーな街」
  • Analyses of Discourse on Sexual Minorities in Israeli Publicities
  • イスラエルの性的少数者に関する広報宣伝の言説分析


This article examines how Israeli publicity for LGBT friendliness works effectively in the international arena from the perspective of gender and sexuality studies. This publicity, which is also criticized as “pinkwashing,” is to be regarded within homonationalism by Jasbir Puar. This term succinctly describes that political attempts practiced by some countries to advocate protections for the human rights of sexual minorities are related to Islamophobia. The publicity by Israeli government should be regarded not only as a result of the practical politics in which certain nations use their attitudes toward sexual minorities as a strategy for the images of their nations, but also as a result of the politics of representation. By analyzing some cases of the publicity, it is concluded that although the perspective of homonationalism describes the Israeli publicity, there is a characteristic in Israeli publicities. It is the twisted use of “liberal” in Israeli publicity, which enables to pull the image of homophobia in Islamic countries out from the readers and to posit its own country distinctive from other Islamic countries as well. This twisted use of “liberal” is one of the results of not only homonationalistic actual politics but also the representative politics.


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