Spatial Security Strategy and its Effect on Crime Prevention by Security Game Modeling Approach

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  • 警備ゲームモデルに基づいた空間的警備戦略と犯罪抑制効果に関する数理的研究


<p>Although security research on crime has been studied as a security game problem, there are many problems in relation to the spatial distribution of crime and application to real large scale problems. Geographical distribution of crime is considered to be influenced by the security strategy. In this study, in order to grasp fundamental relationship between them, we analyze the relation between the geographical distribution of crime and the priority guard range corresponding to the non-uniform distribution of targets which are potentially damaged, and examine spatial allocation strategies of virtual security resources against non-uniform spatial distribution of criminal incidents. We find out that controlling spatial distribution of targets can minimize damage: combining concentration strategy of targets with sufficient amount of guards brings about effectiveness in decreasing expected damage by crime.</p>



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