Imagination of Helping Behavior Enhances the Helping Efficacy

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  • 援助行動の想像は援助効力感を高める
  • エンジョ コウドウ ノ ソウゾウ ワ エンジョ コウリョクカン オ タカメル

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<p>We investigated the effects of imagining (episodic simulation) helping behavior on helping efficacy. Participants were asked to imagine (imagine condition) and remember (remember condition) helping behavior, and make a headline (headline condition) in response to sentences describing a person in need. Then, they rated their helping efficacy and helping intention regarding the person. The results showed that helping efficacy and helping intention in the imagine and remember conditions were significantly higher than in the headline condition. Thus, it is suggested that helping efficacy is enhanced by imagining helping situations without actual behavior.</p>



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