Mechanism Analysis of Changes in Intellectual Concentration under Integrated Thermal Control in Summer and Winter

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  • 夏季・冬季における統合温熱制御による知的集中変化のメカニズム分析
  • カキ ・ トウキ ニ オケル トウゴウ オンネツ セイギョ ニ ヨル チテキ シュウチュウ ヘンカ ノ メカニズム ブンセキ

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<p>The integrated thermal control method was proposed for office workers to improve cognitive abilities for concentration. The proposed method controls temperature both in working and breaking spaces. In authors’ conventional studies, the proposed control method was estimated by an experiment and the results showed that integrated thermal control improved intellectual concentration significantly in summer season but not in winter. In this study, an analysis framework to get varied mechanisms intellectual concentration affected by working environment was conducted to discuss the difference of summer and winter. Results showed possibility that the intellectual concentration was changed by similar mechanisms both in summer and winter.</p>


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