A case study of practical tips for groundstroke instruction by an outstanding tennis coach:

  • Kitazaki Etsuko
    Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba
  • Aida Hiroshi
    Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba

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  • 卓越したテニス指導者におけるグラウンドストローク指導の実践知に関する事例研究
  • focusing on shot combinations
  • -ショットのコンビネーションに着目して-


<p>    This study aimed to clarify practical tips for groundstroke instruction that might aid in the coaching of individual tactics in tennis. An interview survey was conducted on the content and method of coaching regarding shot combinations, and narratives were qualitatively analyzed. The following results were obtained. <BR>1) An outstanding tennis coach assesses individual tactics regarding shot combinations by analyzing “tactical ability against the opponent” instead of “the playerʼs movement.”<BR>2) In order to improve individual tactics regarding shot combinations, the priority of shots to be mastered is clarified, rather than working on various shots concurrently. <BR>3) With regard to coaching to improve tactical thinking ability, the outstanding tennis coach would provide a specific fact about selective attention to the surrounding game situation and give hints that help players to recognize or anticipate game situations, leaving the players to decide how to play the game for themselves. <BR>4) As for coaching to acquire technical skills, the outstanding tennis coach incorporates game-style practice with more powerful boy players into drill-style training, in which the players hone their technical skills without setting certain conditions.</p>


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