Low Fuel Consumption Effect of Medium-Sized Vehicle with Charge Control Using Winding Switching Synchronous Generator

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  • 巻線切替式同期発電機を用いた 充電制御による中型車両の低燃費効果
  • マキセン キリカエシキ ドウキ ハツデンキ オ モチイタ ジュウデン セイギョ ニ ヨル チュウガタ シャリョウ ノ テイネンピ コウカ

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We proposed a mind hybrid system using an alternator for medium-sized vehicles,and confirmed the fuel consumption reducation effect by experiments. However,medium-sized vehicles with large inertia consume much energy as heat during deceleration.Therefore,it is important to regenerate the kinetic energy of the vehicle with high efficiency. The amount of regenerative energy leads to low fuel consumption. In this paper,the standard alternator is modified to the winding switching type alternator.By moution this alternator on a vehicle,regenation of decelerating energy has increased.We report that the improvement has been confirmed by the modification.



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