Investigation on dynamic fracture behavior of ceramics using silicon nitride

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  • 窒化ケイ素を用いたセラミックスの動的破壊挙動の調査


<p>Foreign object damage(FOD) in ceramic materials is a complicated damage mode that occurs when a foreign object collides with a peripheral blade. In order to investigate this damage mode, an experiment was conducted in which a steel ball collides with fine ceramics silicon nitride using a light gas gun and a ring bending jig. An experiment was conducted to make it collide until it broke, and the condition and number of breaks were investigated. As a result, cracks were damaged at a rate of 55% to 71% of the rate of fracture due to a single impact. In addition, the conditions under which radial cracks were generated by changing the mass of the steel balls were investigated. As a result, it was found that the energy required for destruction increases as the projectile becomes smaller. In considering the resistance to FOD, it is necessary to evaluate ceramic materials not at the speed at which a single collision breaks but at the speed at which radial cracks on the lower speed are introduced.</p>



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