Distortion and Issues of the Wholesale Market System in Japan

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  • 卸売市場制度の改革と「卸・仲卸二段階制」の揺らぎ
  • 卸売市場制度の改革と「卸・仲卸二段階制」の揺らぎ : 水産物卸による垣根乗り越えの動機と含意に注目して
  • オロシウリ シジョウ セイド ノ カイカク ト 「 オロシ ・ ナカオロシ ニ ダンカイセイ 」 ノ ユラギ : スイサンブツオロシ ニ ヨル カキネ ノリコエ ノ ドウキ ト ガン イ ニ チュウモク シテ
  • Focusing on Fish Wholesalers’ Motivation for Expanding the Business Domain toward Middle Wholesalers
  • 水産物卸による垣根乗り越えの動機と含意に注目して

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<p>The purpose of this study is to clarify a deficient subject and viewpoint on the 2018 amended Wholesale Market (hereafter WM) Act, through analyzing of fish wholesalers’ motivation for expanding the business domain toward middle wholesalers with focusing on their mutual relationship forming fundamentals of the WM system such as trading and pricing. In particular, this paper mentions changes in the WM policy from features of the latest amended WM Act including 1999 and 2014. After that, we investigate the actual condition of a relationship between wholesalers and middle wholesalers with the example of Tsukiji and also indicate a distortion occurring inside of the system.</p>


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