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Ultra-hardening of Hard-coat over Polycarbonate by Photochemical Surface Modification

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  • 光化学表面改質法によるポリカーボネート上ハードコート膜の超硬質化


<p>The photochemical surface modification of a silicone-based thermosetting hard protective film was achieved by using an excimer lamp with wavelength of 172nm. As the result of Taber abrasion test, ΔHaze value was 1.3%, almost the same as a generally used glass. Surface hardness measured by nanoindentation was more than 2 GPa, showing a great improvement with respect to 0.7 GPa of the original hard-coat. It was revealed that the SiO2 layer was dominantly formed on the surface of the hard-coat layer, by using fourier transform spectroscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy.</p>


  • Seikei-Kakou

    Seikei-Kakou 30 (1), 30-36, 2017-12-20

    The Japan Society of Polymer Processing


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