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An Elastic-plastic Constitutive Law Embedding Cohesive Cracks with Plasticity-induced Damage to Realize Degradation of Strength and Toughness under Cyclic Loading

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  • 繰り返し載荷における塑性誘起損傷による強度と靭性の低下を考慮した結合力埋込型弾塑性構成則
  • クリカエシサイカ ニ オケル ソセイ ユウキ ソンショウ ニ ヨル キョウド ト ジンセイ ノ テイカ オ コウリョ シタ ケツゴウリョク ウメコミガタダン ソセイ コウセイソク

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<p>An elastic-plastic constitutive law embedding cohesive cracks with plasticity-induced damage is proposed to realize degradation of strength and toughness under cyclic loading. A conventional elastic-plastic constitutive law with isotropic and kinematic hardening is combined with our cohesive-force embedding damage model to realize plastic deformation and fracture behavior under monotonic and cyclic loading by solving two kinds of conditional equations. One of them is local balance equation between cohesive traction and principal stress and the other is yield function with nonlinear isotropic and kinematic hardening law. The relationship between the cohesive traction and the crack opening displacement is determined by a cohesive zone model associated with energy release rate to represent process of stress release due to formation of crack surface. In addition, a new plasticity-induced damage is introduced into the cohesive zone model to realize the degradation of the tensile strength and the energy release rate caused by the accumulated plastic strain. On the other hand, the difference of the plastic deformation under various ranges of cyclic loading is represented by additional hardening law depending on a memory surface that is corresponding to plastic strain range. After the material parameters are identified from three experimental results under monotonic and cyclic loading, the capability of our proposed constitutive law is demonstrated by prediction of residual tensile strength and breaking strain of a metal after cyclic loading.</p>


  • Tetsu-to-Hagane

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 106 (9), 662-671, 2020

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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