An Aspect of the Development of the Āraṇyakas: From the Viewpoint of the Learning of Them

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  • アーラニヤカ文献の生成過程の一側面――śāntiマントラを手掛かりに――
  • アーラニヤカ文献の生成過程の一側面 : santiマントラを手掛かりに
  • アーラニヤカ ブンケン ノ セイセイ カテイ ノ イチソクメン : santi マントラ オ テガカリ ニ

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<p>To some chapters and sections of the Āraṇyakas (and the Upaniṣads in them), one or more prayers in verse and prose are attached. Such prayers are traditionally called śāntis (pacifications). They are apparently connected to the teaching and learning of the texts to which they are attached. While they would not have been a part of the body of the texts from the beginning, some of those śāntis came to be regarded as part of the texts at various stages of the development of the Āraṇyaka texts and the rites for learning them.</p>


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