Changes in <i>pañca kāmaguṇā</i> in Early Buddhism

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  • pañca kāmaguṇāの語義・用法の変遷に関する考察
  • panca kamagunaの語義・用法の変遷に関する考察
  • panca kamaguna ノ ゴギ ・ ヨウホウ ノ ヘンセン ニ カンスル コウサツ

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<p>The term pañca kāmaguṇā is used to analyze kāma through the five sensory organs. In the Buddhist prose scriptures, most cases of kāma are replaced with pañca kāmaguṇā. Moreover, the plural sentences used to define pañca kāmaguṇā become one of the fixed forms of expression used in the prose scriptures. Conversely, one can also observe some sentences providing a definition of pañca kāmaguṇā that corresponds to the six organs in the prose scriptures. We can conclude that this was affected by the saḷāyatana, a fundamental notion in Early Buddhism.</p>



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