Studies of Colorants on <i>Nehan-zu</i> at Daigoji Temple for the Purpose of Bequeathing Inherited Cultural Traditions

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  • 伝統文化の継承を目的とした醍醐寺蔵「仏涅槃図」の色料研究
  • デントウ ブンカ ノ ケイショウ オ モクテキ ト シタ ダイゴジゾウ 「 ブツネハンズ 」 ノ ショクリョウ ケンキュウ

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<p>Buddhist paintings symbolically represent the sacred teachings. For further reproduction of the painting, the colors were investigated through instrumental analysis and research into their corresponding symbolism. Regarding the colors of the chignon of Bodhisattva, the analysis showed the original color was blue as written in the scripts. Both indigo and azurite pigments expressed blue but were used differently, indicating a symbolic meaning. Regarding the colors of the face of Jikoku-ten, they should conform to the colors which symbolize the scripts. This study concludes that combining symbolism with instrumental analysis has brought us closer to determining the original colors.</p>



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