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  • 中規模高齢者通所介護施設における主室の用途構成と使われ方
  • チュウキボ コウレイシャツウショカイゴシセツ ニ オケル シュシツ ノ ヨウト コウセイ ト ツカワレ カタ

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<p> Covering at the middle scale day care facility for the elderly placed to special elderly nursing home that is expected to increase the role of fundamental facilities of large area, this paper aims at regulating the plan and corner arrangement pattern of main rooms, and explaining the feature of relation between room composition and usage. The room usage and construction method required of the main rooms of middle scale day care facilities are considered based on the acquired knowledge.</p><p> The results are as follows.</p><p> 1) Because table and chair are arranged in the center of the main room and free time, meal, and functional training are held in the same room in FTL+N type and FTL type corner arrangement cases, there are few selection options of user's sitting space. Since the functional training is held by putting away the table and chair and securing the large space, the clearing up and preparation of tea, etc. may be repeated so the cause of staff's work load and user's waiting time is the problem. The furniture for nap is not placed in FTL type, so the generous arrangement of table and chair, arrangement of sofa set or office corner etc. are available.</p><p> 2) FL+FTN type corner arrangement cases divide the main rooms into two areas, and secure the place of meal and functional training in the constraints that the main room floor spaces are 74-109 square meters . By arranging sofas to the enclosure type and securing the space in the center of corner, users sit down on the sofa and meets at the time of functional training, and can hold gymnastics, game etc. in the FTN corner. At the time of a nap, it is also available to put down bedclothes on the floor of central part in addition to sofa, and to increase the number taking a nap. But there is a problem for keeping the quiet environmental at the time of functional training . Also in the facility with main room floor spaces of around 100square meters, FL+FTN type corner arrangement type is situated as the case that 2 area classification is materialized.</p><p> 3) By the FL+FT+N type corner arrangement that divides the place of a meal and functional training into two areas, and also secures nap space in the main room independently, There can be many selection options of user's sitting space, in addition to the table and chair corner for meal, users can spend freely by sitting on the sofa or massage chair of relaxation corner. There are some scenes that staffs do preceded type preparation settlement work so the functional training corner serves as the place of waiting at lunch preparation time, staffs put away the table of functional training corner and prepare the recreation at the time of the snack in meal corner. According to the spatial and temporal separation of the staff work, the smooth management of the execution of daily program is attained with little waiting time. In this way, the point that the usage harnessed the feature of 2 area composition of the main rooms has realized is evaluated.</p>



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