A Struggle over Censorship between the Kaizō-sha Publishing Company and the CCD: An Episode about the Publication of Riichi Yokomitsu's <i>Ryoshū</i> in 1945-1946

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  • せめぎ合う占領期事前検閲と改造社文芸出版
  • せめぎ合う占領期事前検閲と改造社文芸出版 : 一九四五-四六年・横光利一『旅愁』を中心に
  • セメギアウ センリョウキ ジゼン ケンエツ ト カイゾウシャ ブンゲイ シュッパン : イチキュウヨンゴ-シロクネン ・ ヨコミツ リイチ 『 リョシュウ 』 オ チュウシン ニ
  • ――一九四五―四六年・横光利一『旅愁』を中心に

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<p>In the period of the occupation literary works must undergo inspection before publication by the GHQ's Civil Censorship Detachment. In 1945, when the Kaizō-sha Publishing Company had a plan to publish Riichi Yokomitsu's unfinished novel Ryoshū, it was severely censored because of its anti-Western discourses. Masaru Kisaki, then the editor of the publisher, wrote in his diary about the tough negotiations they had with the CCD. The struggle between the publishing company and the GHQ's office makes us reconsider freedom of expression and censorship in postwar literature.</p>


  • Japanese Literature

    Japanese Literature 64 (11), 54-64, 2015-11-10

    Japanese Literature Association

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