The Development and Evaluation of Project-Based Learning Regarding Social Issues through Industry–Government–Academia Collaboration

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  • 産官学連携による社会課題を題材としたプロジェクト学習授業の開発と評価
  • 産官学連携による社会課題を題材としたプロジェクト学習授業の開発と評価 : 教育改革事業の課題に対応した教育カリキュラムの開発
  • サン カンガク レンケイ ニ ヨル シャカイ カダイ オ ダイザイ ト シタ プロジェクト ガクシュウ ジュギョウ ノ カイハツ ト ヒョウカ : キョウイク カイカク ジギョウ ノ カダイ ニ タイオウ シタ キョウイク カリキュラム ノ カイハツ
  • -The Development of an Educational Curriculum to Address the Challenges of Educational Reform
  • ―教育改革事業の課題に対応した教育カリキュラムの開発―

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<p> High schools, local governments, higher-education institutions, and industries are working together to build a model of exploratory learning that would address local social issues to support local communities. Such attempts face various constraints, such as the burden on school teachers, and challenges to develop and evaluate effective educational curriculums within the school context. In response to these issues, researchers have developed a project-based learning program that incorporates elements of gamification in a current, comprehensive curriculum and has implemented the program in a real classroom of a high school as a trial. The implications of the trial are discussed based on the results of the evaluation.</p>



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