The Development and Support Issues for the Community Life of Older Adults Covered by the Criminal Justice System: Interviews with Supporters

  • SHINOZAKI Hikaru

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  • 刑事司法システムの対象となった高齢者の地域生活を見据えた支援の展開と課題――支援者へのインタビュー調査から――
  • ケイジ シホウ システム ノ タイショウ ト ナッタ コウレイシャ ノ チイキ セイカツ オ ミスエタ シエン ノ テンカイ ト カダイ : シエンシャ エ ノ インタビュー チョウサ カラ

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<p>In this study, interviews with four supporters were conducted to clarify the current status and issues related to support for older adults who have experienced the criminal justice system. Support that they deemed necessary and the issues that arose in that support were classified into three categories: need for flexible support that does not limit the target, lack of support that allows one to continue living in the community, and issues involved in co-ordinating social resources and co-operation. Various types of support were provided by private organizations including support for those who do not fit into the framework of the system, support in daily life including meal provision, and the creation of a physical location for regular contact between parties. However, some difficulties in the process of co-ordinating social resources and co-operation were encountered.</p>



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