The Actual Situation of Knowledge Integration in the Problem-Solving Process of Lower Secondary School Science, Based on Dialogue

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  • 対話を基軸とした中学校理科の問題解決過程における知識統合の実態


<p>This research focuses on a theory of knowledge integration proposed by Linn (2000) for the purpose of clarifying the concrete process of thinking by associating knowledge and skills toward the realization of “deep learning”, a theory that has been attracting attention in recent years. We conducted a case study analysis of students’ thinking on the problem-solving process based on dialogue in science. Our results revealed that the students repeatedly performed “micro integration (referred to as MI in this study)” intended to solve the immediate problem. In knowledge integration, it became clear that students perform “micro integration” in problem solving, gradually increasing the abstraction of knowledge and ideas, to eventually reach a deep understanding of scientific knowledge and theory.</p>



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